(re) Engineering - The road to manufacturability

Getting your product idea from the drawing board to production always requires development of technical specifications. This will make the design ‘manufacturable’. At Brink, we have all the knowledge and experience in house to implement this process for you from engineering to perfection. Even when you provide the technical design yourself, we re-engineer and optimise it for production.

Fast and efficient

We consider designing and (re-)engineering of thin sheet material as our speciality. We have the capabilities to make the transition from design to manufacturability not only very efficiently, but also very quickly. We constantly look for ways to use techniques and processes better, faster and more efficiently. Brink engineers are sufficiently curious and ambitious for such a challenge and that will only benefit your product. An additional advantage of our extensive experience in (re-)engineering is that we can be fully engaged in all LEAN processes.

Collaboration with external specialists

Although we can do almost everything in-house, we also work closely with external specialists in special cases. We obviously retain full control of the process and remain fully responsible for the final result.

A strong one-stop shop link

From our one-stop shop concept, we can deliver a turnkey product for you, from design and engineering to packaging and shipping. (Re-)engineering constitutes an important link within that chain. We therefore pay a great deal of attention to the training and coaching of our engineers. And we regularly invest in new technical programs and capabilities. So that we can make your life easier in that respect as well and guarantee a top result.

Do you have a question about (re) Engineering?

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One stop shop

A major advantage in the collaboration with Brink Industrial is the transparent, everything-under-one-roof concept of our metal company. We are a one-stop shop business, and our services range from product development and engineering to manufacturing and finishing.
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