Assembly - Assembly with an eye for detail

As a one-stop shop business, we also provide product assembling services. After all, we have already carried out one or more processing operations on your product in order to achieve perfect metal components. The efficient thing to do then would be to carry out the next stage for you: assemble the components with other components you have supplied.

Knowledge and machines up-to-date

Our assembly staff have up-to-date knowledge of assembly and packaging and work with the latest assembly and packaging techniques. It would be virtually impossible to imagine a better combination. The result is always exactly what you want it: a flawless semi-finished or finished product. We also provided one-piece flow production services. We will then assemble each piece and completely customised for you.

A strong one-stop shop link

From our one stop shop concept, we can deliver a turnkey product for your, from design and engineering to packaging and shipping. Assembly constitutes an important link within that chain. We therefore pay a great deal of attention to the training and coaching of our assembly staff. And we always keep our machinery up-to-date. So that we can make your life easier in that respect as well and guarantee a top result for you.

Do you have a question about assembly?

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!

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One stop shop

A major advantage in the collaboration with Brink Industrial is the transparent, everything-under-one-roof concept of our metal company. We are a one-stop shop business, and our services range from product development and engineering to manufacturing and finishing.
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