As an expert in high-quality sheet metal processing, Brink has earned a high reputation over the years. If you want to continue to hold a strong position within the sheet metal working sector, you have to continuously anticipate the market dynamics. Today innovation is no longer an achievement, but a must. The principles of Smart Industry (or Industry 4.0) provide the jump to a more efficient, sustainable and safe manufacturing process that corresponds to the standard of tomorrow. It is essential for Brink, as a specialist in sheet metal processing, to be pioneering in this inevitable industrial change – as we have been for years. As we all know, standing still is not an option for us, as pioneers we like to be one step ahead.


The core of our approach is to relieve you as our customer completely. We achieve this by producing for you even smarter, faster, more flexibly and more efficiently – at a price that makes it particularly competitive. We strive to digitalize our processes to a large extent and to have a continuous digital connection with our customers. This is how we put Industry 4.0 into practice in a relevant and cost-effective way, whereby we do not see you as a customer but as an innovative partner.


This state-of-the-art production method offers a number of major advantages that are already “game changers” when viewed individually, but when combined, achieve an even more positive result – both for you and for us as a business. Among other things, this is noticeable for you, our partner, through greater comfort, as well as through the better and more constant quality of our sheet metal processing, a significant contribution to the circular economy and an improved insight into essential data.

One stop shop

Basically, we offer you the convenience of a one-stop shop on a turnkey basis. This means that we can relieve you from start to finish. We can take care of the entire process for you, from design and re-engineering to complete assembly. We also produce with maximum flexibility: You can come to us for 50 pieces just as easily as for several thousand. Thanks to the fact that our production is located exclusively in the Netherlands, the distances and delivery times are short, with the additional advantage that we also help to reduce CO2 emissions thanks to the short transport routes. All of these factors clearly have a very favorable impact on the total cost of ownership.


In our Smart Industry surrounding, various processes work together to guarantee a consistently high quality of our products and processes. Since all process phases are coordinated efficiently and the quality is continuously monitored, we guarantee tight planning and punctual delivery times. The quality of our raw materials is strictly controlled. This not only leads to a reliable and sustainable end product, but also to a low probability of failure costs. For us, there is another side to quality. This is how we pay special attention to the environment and the well-being of everyone we work with. This is embedded, among other things, in our Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept, which ensures that production, safety, quality and sustainability are always optimally coordinated at Brink, thereby preventing disruptions or delays in the production process as much as possible.


Another aspect of Industry 4.0 for us is the focus on circularity. The circular economy requires processes that generate less waste and less CO2. Brink continuously invests in such processes and machines in order to be able to produce as sustainably as possible. The latest innovation is a multifunctional production line for sheet metal processing, which is designed for modular production and standard large format plates. Brink is taking a further step towards circular thinking, which has been developing for years. Through the techniques used, we can contribute to the circular economy, because the efficient use of raw materials and energy consumption also prevents waste.




At Brink we take the adage “to measure is to know” very seriously. The extensive digitization of our machines and processes enables us to collect and unlock a lot of useful data for permanent improvements. Every production process provides new knowledge. Knowledge that we not only like to use for future projects and possible innovations, but also share as much as possible with our customers. Because it fits within Industry 4.0 to be transparent and to use high-end data analyzes for the common interest. That even works both ways, so that you could call the co-makership knowledge.


Often the introduction of an innovative machine is enough to draw the attention of a dynamic market. Brink’s new LPBB line (Laser Cutting, Punching, Buffering and Bending Line) is certainly such a revolutionary machine. But at the same time, it is much more than just a new link in the production process: it is a unique tool for shaping the Industry 4.0 principle. It is not without reason that Brink has consciously invested seriously in this ‘next level step’ in sheet metal technology, which is expected in the spring of 2020. Thanks to this ultra-modern machine, the manufacture of high-quality sheet metal will fit seamlessly into our Smart Industry philosophy.


In fact, the LPBB line is a smart and thoughtful concatenation of various functionalities. The size of the plates alone is impressive: we can load the plate magazine with standard large format plates of 3000 x 1500 mm. We then pass the plates along the integrated fiber laser and punching machine, which can realize deformations more efficiently than ever. The fiber laser cuts razor-sharp and lightning fast, while the punching machine is perfect for small deformations. This way you always have the “best of both worlds”. Via the self-thinking reversing robot, the sheet goes to the third machine in line: the advanced bend center, with a lightning-fast changeover time of 0-18 seconds, for precise and print-free bending of sheets. And if other operations have to be performed before bending, they become automatic guided sideways to the hydraulic press brake. But there is another interesting functionality! Due to the direct connection of ERP to the machine, data can be analyzed quickly. In this way, the LPBB line will soon not only deliver a perfect and sustainable end product, but also priceless insights.

We are the first manufacturing company in the Netherlands who has this smart configuration – the only one in our country – available to our partners. In addition, Brink has invested in a new welding robot, new spot welding machines and a new press brake with automatic bend angle correction. In this way, we give maximum shape to the principles of Smart Industry.


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