How entrepreneurs in the Dutch manufacturing industry see the COVID-19 crisis

“We see a fall in the order intake, but things are now rising again. It is what it is, we have to make the most of it.

I think one of the effects of the crisis will be de-globalization. A lot of companies will dive into their strategy and realize that being dependent of suppliers far away will endanger their business. They will probably reconsider what their critical components are and whether they can organise the supply of them in a different way. The Dutch manufacturing industry will play an important role in this. Back to local, collaborating in the chain and careful handling of raw materials will become more important. So that we become less dependent on foreign countries and can do more ourselves. This makes all elements of Circular Economy applicable.

Industry 4.0 and robotization are also important, as we cannot directly compete with low-wage countries. For example, we have made an investment of 2 million in a machine that allows us to produce autonomously. If you were not already working on the circular economy and Industry 4.0, now is the time to get started.”

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