Spot welding - Projection- and spot welding

Spot welding: with the most modern techniques

In spot and projection welding, two metal surfaces are fused together while clamped together under pressure. Spot welding is mainly used for sheet metal – especially thin metal sheets – without adding material. Projection welding is used on thin, contoured metal sheets or on small objects that you want to bond onto metal sheets. This welding technique is often seen in the automotive industry, for example, when welding nuts to sheet metal. We have a wide range of spot and projection welding machines that meet virtually any demand.

Recently we added a couple of new spot welding machines to our machinery park. With this new machines in the field of spot welding and projection welding, we can even better meet the demand.

In addition, we have even more welding techniques such as  MIG/MAG and TIG welding, longitudinal welding and circumferential seam welding. Welding with any imaginable technique is our priority.

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