Design - A synthesis of form and function


Where should the focus of industrial design be: the function, form, or both? It is of course best if a functional design also attracts the attention to the aesthetics. As long as the one aspect does not suffer at the expense of another. Function and design mould together into a product that is fully equipped for its task and is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

We create a product is not only technically compliant, but also technically fascinating. Thus we move on the cutting edge of design and engineering. Where we consider designing of thin sheet metal parts as our speciality. A speciality in which we have extensive experience.

Best of both worlds

At Brink, we always strive for the best of both worlds. That is the starting point for every design we create. Of course, we first look at the purpose of a product and what the customer intends to do with it. Because a design must always be functional, otherwise it makes sense to produce it. At the same time, we look with one eye at the environment in which the design will be used. And then we start brainstorming over a design that is beyond any compromise. It is an absolute prerequisite that any design we create is is also efficiently feasible.

Products with character

Sometimes the thoughts and ideas are bold, which requires character from all parties involved. Creating fascination for the product through an attractive design will add value to designs that are just functional. The trick is to make it stand out from the crowd. With an end result that is: distinctive and a true showcase for the company.

From design to implementation

To make your life easier, our support goes beyond just the design. We can arrange the entire process for you, from idea to market implementation, and we will work closely with you at every stage of the process and, where necessary, adjust our course. Because flexibility… that too is what Brink stands for.

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