Bending and folding - Bending and folding sheet material

Bending and folding: the best form of customisation

Would you like to provide your sheet metal with straight forms (radii) or form the edges into angles? For example, to reduce the number of components used, or to create a more lightweight structure and/or to form your product into a more aesthetically appealing shape through bending and folding?

In that respect, too, we can take a lot of work off your hands with our professional bending and folding machines. Brink has a variety of advanced bending and folding machines, with the bending machine equipped with a tapering unit. The forms may have different angles and radii to allow us to produce a fully customised design for you.

I am Lubbert, I am Brink


  • Capacity: up to 150 tonnes
  • Maximum length: 3000 mm
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