Circularity - The beauty of circularity

Today no one doubts the usefulness of a circular economy, where products and raw materials are fully reused and value destruction limited. Brink is also committing to circularity with full conviction. In word and deed!


Our aim is to give used products, components and raw materials/materials a second life with the highest quality possible. We also encourage designers and manufacturers to look differently – i.e. circularly – at design and production. This will make it relatively easy to upgrade, repair and thus future-proof a product. It will also open up possibilities to reuse components in other, new products. On a larger scale, the waste products of one company can serve as raw materials for another company within the economic area, allowing it to increasingly produce its own raw materials.



If you opt for circularity, we will take that into account from day one in order to minimise value destruction. We can also assist you in every phase of circular development, production and reuse of your product. We will work with you based on the frequently used 7R model, which focuses on:

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Repair
  4. Refurbish
  5. Remanufacture
  6. Recycle
  7. Recover

In short: we can take care of the entire process for you, from product (re)design and production to return flow (component recovery and recycling).


Many companies and organisations are already working with us based on circularity. But the transition to circularity varies from business to business, depending on the phase the business is in. The steps that can be taken also vary from business to business. However, a solid foundation always rests on: effective collaboration and partnership within the chain, co-creation, open innovation and knowledge sharing. So that others can learn and apply it to their own operations.

None of it happens organically. That is a fact. It requires a good amount of effort and resources to turn new ideas into reality. But whoever takes this step will certainly benefit from it. Our advice is: just start! We, at Brink, will be happy to help you anyway we can…

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