Vision and practice

Brink’s vision is based on collaboration and making life easier for our customers. As professionals in providing serial, customer-specific solutions in thin sheet material, we look broadly at our profession. We do not just want to engineer and manufacture, but also to think along with our customers about the most durable and circular solutions that would benefit them. Solutions in Metal Engineering is therefore more than just a motto for us, it is our creed.

At the end of the day, we use our expertise to make life easier for our customers throughout the process from design and engineering to supply chain. Because we firmly believe that that is what will benefit them the most. That is why we go that extra mile to find solutions and offer the convenience of a one-stop shop.


Brink often finds itself at the intersection of a first brainwave and the practical implementation. As such, the research and engineering departments of our customers often involve us early on in the development of critical metal components. This focused collaboration requires more skills than just metal forming. It is a combination of creativity, dedication, and out-of-the-box thinking that is in line with our ambition to always achieve the best solution – and then produce it flawlessly.

Precise, accurate and as agreed: these are our core values. And we do this each and every time by putting the best professionals on the best machines. Because it is only then that our one-stop shop will have true meaning and added value for our customers, that is, you.


Brink is a professional partner in providing serial, customer-specific solutions in the field of thin sheet material, in which the customer is essentially relieves regarding design/design, engineering and logistics. This is where the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are applied (ISO 26000).



The transition to the circular economy is different for every company, it requires a lot of trying out new ideas and the ability to actually achieve the new ideas. An advice, just start!

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